Work sharp Electric Knife Sharpener E5



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Work sharp Electric Knife Sharpener E5

The E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener works with the press of a button. The sharpener automatically turns off at the end of a sharpening cycle, delivering professional results every time.

Product Features

  • One-touch programming
  • Automated sharpening
  • Precision sharpening guides
  • Fast, simple, and gentle on knives – keeps them cutting & looking like new
  • The included ceramic honing rod is ideal to maintain your edge between sharpenings and includes optional MicroForge™ edge for knives used for vegetables and utility work
  • The ceramic rod can be used to hone serrated blades

E5 sharpening guide is set to 17° – optional E5 Upgrade Kit is available which includes guides for European standard 20° (West) and Asian standard 15° (East)



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