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Wooden Town Play Set Melissa and Doug

Build a world filled with imagination, block by block! This wooden 32-piece playset includes everything needed to create a miniature streetscape.

  • 12 buildings – including fire and police stations, a recycling center, service station, house, and more
  • 9 street signs – Stop, One Way, Speed Limit, Yield, etc.
  • trees, fences, and walls.

The brightly colored shaped solid wood pieces stand approximately 3-8cm high. Flat sides, attention to detail, and bright colors make this set great for stacking, sorting, counting, setting up, and knocking down. Kids will have endless fun and playing with the set independently or combining it with other play pieces, toy cars, and figures. Pieces store neatly in a divided wooden tray


  • 32-piece set of wooden streetscape “blocks” to create a town
  • Includes 12 buildings, such as police and fire stations, hospital, service station, recycling center, and more
  • Also includes nine traffic signs, 8 trees, a brick wall, picket fence, and park benches with a fountain
  • Brightly colored solid wood pieces store neatly in a divided wooden tray
  • 3+ years
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