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StovePro thermal powered wood stove fan

Achieve optimum results from your wood-burning stove with the StovePro thermal-powered wood stove fan. Circulate warm air throughout your room at up to 3m³ per minute. Reduce wood consumption by up to 14%.

It works efficiently by gently pushing the heat rising from the top of the fireplace forward. The fan is powered using electricity generated by the heat from the stove. It converts this heat into electricity to power the fan motor and a special generator module in the fan (using a process called the ‘Seebeck’ effect). The fan automatically adjusts the speed with the temperature of your stove. It runs faster to move more air into the room as the stove heats up, and automatically slows down and stops as your stove cools.

Designed for usage on freestanding stoves with a normal surface temperature of 65C – 345C.  The StovePro is especially useful when your freestanding fireplace is installed within the hearth of an existing brick chimney. We recommend using The StovePro fan with a Flue Thermometer to get the best usage and longest lifespan out of your fireplace. No battery or mains supply is required


  • Quiet operation
  • No battery or mains supply required
  • Height – 23cm Blade diameter – 20cm
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Improves fireplace’s efficiency
  • Reduces wood consumption


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