Signi Fires Insert Wood Braai 1000mm
Signi Fires Insert Wood Braai 1000mm R34,995
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Signi Fires Insert Combo Gas and Wood Braai 1600mm

Why choose one? When you can have gas and wood.

The Stainless Steel Insert Combo Braai provides the home chef with the ultimate cooking weapon to impress their guests – Having the versatility to use wood and gas.

The system is modular making it easy for customers to custom design their braai according to their needs.


  • The standard finish is 304 stainless steel but 316 stainless steel is also available for extra protection against corrosion.
  • The installation is simple with no flues or gather required.
  • A minimum brick chimney internal opening size is required. This varies with different size braais.
  • The gas braai comes standard with self-ignition knobs and burners and does not require any electrical connection.
  • The gas braai comes standard with a ceramic sear burner which gives off an instant and higher heat. This ceramic sear burner is perfect for grilling steaks and other meats where caramelisation is required on the outside whilst keeping the inside moist and juicy.
  • The wood braai insert has an ember maker that is made from 12mm solid stainless steel. As an optional extra there is an extra length braai grid that spans the full length.
  • Another standard feature of the insert combo braai is the large sliding door that folds neatly underneath the braai and doubles as a functional work surface.
  • Dimensions of Insert Combo Braai: W1720 H941 D590

The insert braai is designed to be inserted into a pre-built chimney breast and works with natural draft, however an extraction canopy (gather) can be fitted to the braai for flue fitment or motorised extraction.

Optional extra: Extra length braai grid that spans the full length of the wood braai, cooker dome and rotisserie for the gas braai.

The combo gas and wood braai is available in various sizes (1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800 and 2000). The modules can be assembled according to your requirements allowing you to have a one, two or three burner gas braai option.

*Price excludes installation and delivery costs, please request a quote for courier fees.


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