Piazzetta Pellet Built-In Fireplace IP11



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Piazzetta Pellet Built-In Fireplace IP11

Pellets fireplaces use pellets as a fuel. Pellets are very efficient and in the not too distant future will become the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to heat your home.

Pellet fireplaces use a biomass fuel in the form of wood pellets (formed from wood waste, sawdust and wood shavings) these pellets are automatically fed and ignited. The fireplaces regulate fuel according to the clients’ room temperature setting, speeding up and slowing down both feeder and fans, therefore, optimizing fuel consumption.  After the ignition process, the electrical consumption is minimal and runs at around 0.1KWh producing up to 15KWh for maximum electrical savings while still enjoying a completely automated central heating system.

The Door and firebox are cast iron, door gaskets with metal sheath resistant to high temperature, ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C. Sliding tracks are solid and reinforced making pellet loading and maintenance trouble-free.

Technical features:

  • Room heating capacity (max) 315 m3
  • Rated heat output (max) 3.4-11 kW
  • Power adjustable (positions) 5
  • Nominal thermal efficiency 85.3%
  • Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) 0.9-2.7 Kg/h
  •  Structure: steel firebox, extractable with sliding tracks, firebox in cast iron, steel grate
  • Door: cast iron, gasket with metal sheath resistant to up to 750°C
  • Flue outlet Ø cm: 8
  •  OPTIONAL:  Front pellet loading tray kit, Front pellet loading kit, side and additional tank, Adjustable legs kit
  • 5 Power settings
  • Hopper capacity 22kg
  • Flue outlet Ø 80mm
  • Fresh air intake (recommended. min sect.) Ø cm2 100
  • Electric supply Hz 230 – 50
  • Electric power consumption W 130 – 420
  • Weight Kg 150
  • Includes the draw kit
  • Control panel for the fireplace is separate and fastened to the wall nearby. No Remote control


  • Unit Dimensions WxDxH 78x55x74 cm (+50mm additional space all around unit for installation cavity.)


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