Patisse Procing Basket Round
Patisse Proving Basket Round R395
Patisse Proving basket 28 x 13
Patisse Proving Basket Rectangular 41 x 15cm R495


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Patisse Proving Basket Rectangular

The Patisse Proofing Basked is used for rising dough perfectly and evenly. The natural Rattan basket regulates the moisture in the dough, resulting in a light bread with a crisyp crust. Basket gives bread its traditional rustic shape.

  • The basket gives bread its traditional rustic shape.
  • Made of genuine natural Rattan wood which is mold-free.
  • This basket should never be put in an oven, this is not an oven-proof product.
  • Only wipe off with a damp cloth, dry thoroughly then store in a dry area.
  • Size: 28 x 13 cm.
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