Making Tracks… a moving memoir by Joan Louwrens



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Making Tracks… a moving memoir by Joan Louwrens

This true-life story will light your fire, re-igniting your passion for life. It tracks the path of a young doctor who is irrevocably derailed from conventionality by the tragic death of her husband. She is catapulted into the role of single parent and sole breadwinner. How she emerges from these dark times and the unusual choices she makes for herself and her young daughters, sheds some light on facing life’s challenges. Her story is related with style, candour, humour and a light touch as she carves transcontinental tracks on a bike, or pounds through South Atlantic storms, at times with children in tow. She achieves these adventures often disguised as medical employment, but her appetite for risk betrays a sweeping curiosity, a deep need to push boundaries, a desire to experience the exhilaration of the moment and be the example that anything is possible. About the author Joan lives in Knysna on a tract of land covered primarily by indigenous forest. She still works when a medical job with an adventurous tag materialises. She has embraced her new role as custodian of this buffer zone between the wild and the developed, and she hopes to preserve a piece of this wilderness for her generations of offspring and for the animals and plants whose dwindling sanctuary it now is. “…an exceptionally well-written, interesting and inspiring book.” Editor’s comment


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