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Lacunza Adour 800 CLI Built In Fireplace
Lacunza Adour 800 CLI Built In Fireplace R50,490



Lacunza Adour 800 CLD Built In Fireplace

Launched in 2020 the Lacunza Adour CLD two-sided fireplace offers the most advanced innovation from Lacunza.  The Adour collection features the new innovative position of the convection fan. The fan is placed in the floor at the back of the fireplace. The unique shape of the internal fireplace parts directs heat away from the fans which allow you to use the fireplace without having the fan operating. Traditionally the fan would have had to be in operation to cool itself down whilst the fireplace is burning. The Fan system is an optional extra

Technical Specifications

  • Front and Right Glass
  • 10kw-13kw Heating Capacity
  • Room Size 222m3
  • Flue size:150mm
  • Fans optional extra
  • Full glass door, and glass on right side
  • Removable ash pan
  • Made in Spain
  • Dimensions: W800 x H516 x D415

See Built-in dimensions here: ADOUR_800-CLD


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