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Kenwood PureJuice – JMP600SI

PureJuice is Kenwood’s new Slow Press Juicer. An effortless way to engage in a healthier lifestyle through consuming 100% natural juice.

Unlock the goodness in superfoods including leafy greens like kale or wheatgrass and popular healthy ingredients such as pomegranate or beetroot. Peeled citrus fruits are no problem and you can even make your own almond milk, perfect for lactose intolerance and healthy for the whole family.


  • A convenient rinse function to make cleaning really easy.
  • Removable pulp container with 1.3 LT capacity and a jug of 1 LT capacity.
  • Two-speed settings for hard and soft fruit
  • Made out of high gloss plastic body .
  • Easy storage: Small enough to save space in the kitchen, both on the worktop.
  • Safety Stop: Juicer only works when all parts are properly assembled and stops working when opened during
    processing. No risk of injury, no risk of splashing
  •  All detachable parts are dishwasher safe with an extra cleaning brush and a sieve.
  • Designed to not Drip.
  • 150 watt motor
  • Colour – silver
  • weight: 4.48 KG
  • size: L:19.0, W: 15.0, H:41.0



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