Kamado Jan Rotisserie 



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Kamado Jan Rotisserie

Now you can add yet another amazing cooking style to your Kamado JAN and enhance the entire cooking experience even further! Now, you can achieve high heat searing while still going low and slow. Don’t stress about burning your meat. The rotating action allows for uniform cooking with self-basting for a more flavourful result, simply set up, switch on and sit down. The Kamado JAN rotisserie is the ultimate plug & play spitbraai solution. No alterations needed. The tapered wedge steel ring acts as a rigid base for the stainless steel skewer and allows for an air-tight seal when the lid is closed. This enables you to regulate temperature with accuracy.

Compatible with Large and X-Large Kamado’s 


  • Wedges shape allows the complete system to seat perfectly and securely on top of the bottom ceramic edge and still makes it possible to close the lid to retain that airtight seal. The inner bottom steel lip prevents the ring from sliding off the edge.
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel spit rod and spikes are machined from solid steel and extremely durable and easy to clean. Thick spikes will not bend or buckle under the weight.
  • The powerful electrically operated motor can accommodate up to 15kg. You also have the option of running it on battery power. (3 x AA batteries not included)
  • The spit rod also comes with a screw-on cool-grip handle for easy handling before and after cooking. The handle also provides better grip when skewering.


  • Achieve amazing searing and caramelization while still cooking at low temperatures.
  • No more turning or moving larger cuts of meat.
  • The Rotisserie is specifically designed and engineered to function with the lid closed and sealed to still give you complete control of the temperature inside the dome.
  • The Rotisserie now allows for fantastic searing and caramelization over direct heat while at lower temperatures.
  • Spend less time basting as the rotation retains much more of your basting sauce.
  • Use less charcoal. Simply bank a much smaller load of charcoal to the rear of the firebox. The airflow and rotation provide even cooking.
  • The Divide & Conquer frame can still be used with the Rotisserie in place. This allows you to prepare side dishes on the lower grid position on the opposite side of the banked charcoal. and the self-basting action.
  • Because there is no need to open the lid as often to either turn or apply your special basting sauce, less heat is lost therefore shortening cooking times.


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