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Infinity 13Kw Built-In Convection Fireplace R28,950
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Infinity 13Kw Cube Convection Fireplace

This Freestanding 13kw wood burner from Infinity Fires will heat a large room. It’s a wood-burning slow combustion fireplace. You have the option of the low unit or wood storage boxes to fit underneath the unit.

Special features include a full vermiculite jacket inside the firebox.  This insulating material raises the combustion temperature inside the firebox in excess of 950°C. At these temperatures, the wood burns highly efficiently sending very little emissions into the atmosphere and retaining about 80% of the heat from the fire in the house, where the heat is needed. This high-temperature combustion enables our stoves to send about 70% of their heat output through the door glass as an infrared light wave.

A long slow burn time so that the fires can comfortably burn through the night or whilst we are out during the day. We have found that with a full load of good quality wood, our 8 Kw stove can burn at a slow pace for up to 12 hours and our 13 Kw stove up to 15 hours.


  • Fuel Type: Wood Only
  • Heating Output & Capacity: 13kW / 520m3
  • Dimensions:  870mm (w/l) x 630mm (h) x 405mm (d) with out a storage box
  • Material: High-Quality Rolled Steel Firebox
  • Finish: High-Temperature Paint
  • Flue Size: 150mm – Top or rear exit

*Price excludes Delivery Fee and Installation Costs. Please inquire for a full quotation

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