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Help There’s a Guest at my table! Annabel Frere

You’re not entirely clueless in the kitchen, but your skills are rather basic. You may even have relied on Annabel Frere’s first cookbook, Help! There’s a Stove in My Kitchen, when you were in digs. But you’re no longer a student and your palate and those of your friends are more sophisticated. What can you serve that will impress them but not result in hours spent in the kitchen? Annabel has come to the rescue once again with this invaluable repertoire of 150 tasty and relatively simple recipes that are perfect for impromptu gatherings or well-organised occasions. There are plenty of tips and suggestions for planning and advance preparation as well as effortless presentation. And of course, no party is complete without the right liquid refreshments, so there is even a chapter on delicious cocktails.

You will enjoy mouthwatering visuals and useful insider tips in this 170-page recipe book.

Download the delicious Mango Cream Recipe here for Free: Mango Cream

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