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De Buyer Syrup hydrometer

De Buyer Syrup hydrometer is used to measure the quantity of syrup present in a liquid. Essential when making jellies, jams, sorbets, chutneys, candied fruit…
Glass syrup density meter with 2 measuring scales: g / ml (from 1100 to 1400g/ml)and ¬į Baum√© (from 15 to 40¬į Baum√©).¬†The¬†Baume¬†scale is a pair of hydrometer scales developed by French pharmacist Antoine Baum√© in 1768 to measure the density of various liquids. The unit of the Baum√© scale has been notated variously as¬†degrees Baume.¬†

To measure the density of a syrup solution pour some of the syrup into a measured container,  gently lower the densimeter into the boiling liquid and take the reading on the stem, level to the height where the syrup has stabilized.  Maple syrup has a density of 1.37 grams per millilitre, heavier than water, milk and corn syrup but not as dense as honey. 

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  • Sturdy and easy to use
  • Care: wash by hand.
  • Fragile: handle with care


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