Cast Iron Teapot Black



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Cast Iron Teapot Black

Cast Iron Teapots that have been enamelled on the inside. Originating in Japan, enamelled “Tetsubins” are known as “Kyusa” and are used for loose-leaf tea as well as herbal infusions and fresh herb teas. Each Cast Iron Teapot comes with a stainless mesh infuser. Many tea enthusiasts claim the tea brewed in the Cast Iron Teapot teapot tastes better than tea brewed in any other teapot and have health benefits. Studies have found that when using cast iron teapots, a good amount of iron is leached into the boiling water. The tea brewed infuses with iron and the person drinking tea will receive a boost of iron, minerals and nutrients. People with iron deficiencies can greatly benefit from this effect.

  • Capacity 650ml
  • Black


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