For over three centuries, Gaggenau has been a leading brand for innovative and revolutionary home appliances. Contact Metelerkamps for more information on the full range and extensive product knowledge.

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Gaggenau 60cm Built in Anthracite Coffee Machine

Gaggenau 60cm Anthracite Warmer Drawer WSP221 100

Gaggenau 60cm Combi-Steam Anthracite Oven BSP250 101

Gaggenau 60cm Anthracite Oven BO421 102 LH

Gaggenau 90cm Gas Cooktop 200 Series VG295 150F

Gaggenau 90cm Gas Cooktop 400 Series VG491 111F

Gaggenau 76cm Warmer Drawer WS482 110

Gaggenau 76cm Oven BO480 112

Gaggenau Steam Oven BS484 112

Gaggenau  Vario Induction Cooktop VI232 120

Gaggenau Vario Teppanyaki Cooktop VP230 120

Gaggenau Vario Gas Cooktop VG232 120F

Gaggenau Vario Gas Wok VG231 120F

Hob Gaggenau CX482 101 Induction Cooktop

Gaggenau 90cm Oven EB33311

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