Is it possible to live a plastic-free life?

After much consideration I have decided that it is like quitting any addiction, you just have to say no. Thankfully there are more and more alternatives available to us. I am so blessed to work at Metelerkamps and be allowed to order the kinds of products that I think will help me in living a plastic-free lifestyle.

My day starts with a great bean to cup of coffee, I love our locally roasted Bocca Dolce, it is a low acid coffee and sold in a thick paper holder so totally biodegradable. I also love takeaway coffee, I have lovely keep cups, happily Metelerkamps sell a large range in store. I have one at home and one is always in my car, again if I am caught without a cup I simply don’t have the coffee. Half a trillion disposable cups are produced each year. Single-use, eish!

Water bottles, I am so chuffed to have the Dutch Dopper bottles for sale at Metelerkamps, not only are they beautiful and handy but they are a commitment to never buy single-use water bottles. They were designed to encourage you to drink your tap water or home filtered water. Did you know it takes 1lt of water and 1lt of oil to produce a single plastic bottle and currently only 1-9 % of plastic is recycled?


We also have the Kuro-Bo water purifying system. It is the glass bottles to be paired with activated charcoal koins. It’s a wonderful solution to purifying your own water on the go.

I’m sure by now you all have your own shopping bags and veggie bags, for your friends who don’t they make wonderful gifts, we sell really beautiful Loqi bags. They are strong, very light and can carry a full morning shopping from the local market. I have mine rolled up in my handbag and wonder how many kilograms of shopping it has seen over the years. We also sell the smaller veggie bag in lightweight netting or bread bags in 100% cotton calico in-store.

The Stasher is a reusable silicone storage bag in a few different sizes. They can go in the freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Save money, save the planet as it can be used thousands of times. Shop Stasher here

Drum roll here, we also stock the Bonnie Bio bags in-store, they look like plastic, feel like plastic but are made from corn kernels (corn starch), sulfur dioxide and water, there are no chemicals used in the manufacturing at all and they will break down to CO2, biomass and thus are carbon neutral. Their range is small but wonderful. We have the ‘If You Care’ range which is incredibly earth-friendly, it ticks every box that an environmentalist would want to be ticked.

Visit Metelekamps in The Knysna Shopping Quarter on Waterfront Drive, we have many delightful products that are eco-friendly for those who seek to own fewer, better items!