International Wetlands Day 2018

Recently Yolande and I were able to join in on a wetland clean up. The 2nd of February was International Wetlands Day and through the Knysna Municipality, we heard that they had an area in Brenton On Sea that had been destroyed due to builders dumping and just general litter. Our very sweet boss let us two girls go for the morning to take part in the clean-up. It was so nice to work next to likeminded passionate people and the cupcakes were delicious!

I must say when we got there I was shocked at how awful the little wetland looked and after two hours it was starting to look like a place you might take your partner for a romantic picnic.

Other parties who attended this cleanup event:

  • Knysna Municipality’s Waste Department
  • Environmental Department and Contractors
  • Eden District Municipality EPWP
  • Brenton Ratepayers Association and residents
  • BioWise
  • Knysna Tourism

The exciting thing is that in another week they will be weeding and another week planting. Clean-ups are so important, but the real fight, of course, is for us to stop generating rubbish, to begin with. Join the movement to Zero Waste. There are SO many ways to change our thinking. I personally have brainwashed myself with the swear words, ā€˜single-use plasticā€™.

All we need to do is one clean up at a time, one piece of littler at a time. It’s contagious, and in no time, we have made a huge impact!



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