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If you are serious about cleaning then Dyson is the only way to go! Dyson is Timeless at Metelerkamps

Metelerkamps started selling Dysons in 2009, it’s a fun story of how we came to stock them.  Way back then South Africa really only had cheap and cheerful vacuums available. You can imagine that when a rep walked into our shop with a new aged space looking thing that was 5 times the price of any other vacuum we pretty much scoffed at him. That is until he took the dust-holding drum off the Dyson, put it on its side, and stood on it.  He was a hefty lad and we all sat back and waited for the “kaplow.”  Of course, it didn’t break and we were sold. 7 years later and we have sold hundreds of these wonderful machines.


So why do we love them so much?

THEY DO NOT lose SUCTION, which means that from the start of your vacuuming to the end you get the same results. None of us like vacuuming so when we do have to do it it might as well be done properly. THE AIR THAT COMES OUT THE MACHINE IS 150 TIMES CLEANER than the air we breathe, wow, no taking fine dust from the floor and putting it on to your higher surfaces. BETTER YET, WHEN YOU CLICK OFF THE DRUM to empty it you will really fall in love with the machine.

Easy operation

It takes a couple of seconds, it never fails to amaze me that people still use machines that come with bags that need to be emptied, how messy!!!  THERE ARE NO BAGS that need to be bought so the saving over years for your pocket and the environment is there.  They are wonderfully robust, in SA they enjoy a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE, what’s not to love about that?

The inventor James Dyson first started working on a bagless machine in 1978, it took him 5 years and over 5000 prototypes to get the world’s first bagless, centrifugal vacuum.  He has carried on over the years making more and more improvements, definitely a man to keep an eye on.

Keep up to date with the latest models, but if you own an older model, don’t worry – they are serviced in South Africa!

Metelerkamps’ Sales team know their products and sell what they love, we are an official stockist. 

YOU CAN BUY YOUR DYSON ONLINE at METELERKAMPS  we are one of the preferred retailers in South Africa. Delivery is free of charge to anywhere in South Africa. If you prefer the touch and feel we have the most beautiful showroom in Knysna with well a versed and passionate sales team!

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Contact us: 044 3820274 | info@metelerkamps.co.za | 3 Union Street, Waterfront Drive Knysna