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Piazzetta P937 Pellet

This appliance features original contours in a celebration of aesthetic minimalism. The option of a top, side or rear flue outlet and the possibility of a side forced ventilation outlet allow the appliance to be installed practically anywhere.

Pellets fireplaces use pellets as a fuel. Pellets are very efficient and in the not too distant future will become the most cost effective and eco-friendly way to heat your home. A pellet fireplace is fully automated.

Pellet fireplaces use a biomass fuel in the form of wood pellets (formed from wood waste, sawdust and wood shavings) these pellets are automatically fed and ignited. The fireplaces regulate fuel according to the clients’ room temperature setting, speeding up and slowing down both feeder and fans therefore optimizing fuel consumption.  After the ignition process the electrical consumption is minimal and runs at around 0.1KWh producing up to 15KWh for maximum electrical savings while still enjoying a completely automated central heating system.

All pellet units require a 80mm flue outlet to release the fine ash which is a by-product of the natural combustion process.

  • Room heating capacity (min-max) – 185-315m3
  • Nominal thermal efficiency – 89.2%
  • Rated heat output – 11KW
  • Consumption at rated heat output – 0.8-2.4Kg/h
  • Flue outlet Ø  – 80mm (or as per manufacturers specifications)
  • Remote Control System optional
  • Multifuco System compatible
  • Structure – Enamelled steel with door, brazier and firebox in cast iron
  • Majolica cladding – Unique large hand-made pieces
  • Upper cover plate on sliding tracks to access hopper
  • Dual power system
  • Air Glass System – Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C
  • Energy Saving – Quick and easy maintenance, removable ash drawer
  • Eco Function
  • Dimensions WxDxH – 88cm  x  46cm  x  120cm

P937 Diagram

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