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The Nuance Wine Finer is ideal for use with any bottle of wine. The filter removes any cork and sediment as you carefully decant the wine. The airtight stopper allows you to keep any wine remaining in the bottle. The conical design fits every kind of wine bottle.

The Nuance Wine finer is designed by Marcus Vagnby from Denmark, he thought of everything, when you insert the Wine Finer in the bottle and pour, that gurgling sound you hear is air being drawn into the wine. The wine then flows through the 32 holes and screen, producing a flavor enhanced and sediment free glass of wine. It has a built-in sediment screen so wine residue remains in the bottle. When finished aerating simply rinse the wine finer with warm water and let dry.

16cm in length

**Metelerkamps Tip: Dont forget to take out your Nuance Wine Finer when you discard the empty bottle. Give the designated driver for the evening the extra responsibility to keep the Wine Finer safe too!




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