Nestor Martin Built in Fireplace IQ43



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Nestor Martin built in Fireplace IQ43

This range of fireplace inserts represents the optimal solution for the installation of a new fireplace or for the recovery of an existing open fire. Modern and functional, the Nestor Martin fireplace inserts bring extraordinary warmth into your room. With their clean lines and contemporary feel, they are a distinguished piece of furniture that is harmoniously integrated into the heart of your home. In addition to the soft radiant heat, Nestor Martin inserts allow for channelling the heat to other areas in the house, by means of their integrated blowers and two hot air outlets. A safety system that automatically shuts down the ventilation upon opening the door prevents the fan from drawing in any ashes and spreading them into the room.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions: 666H x 692W x 489D
  • Flue Pipe 180mm
  • Weight 182kg.
  • Nominal Power 10.5kw
  • Minimum-Maximum Power 2-14kw
  • Heats up to 420m3
  • Efficiency 85.6%
  • Log length – 550mm
  • “Clean glass” (offers an incredible panoramic view of the flames)
  • Woodbox® Combustion Technology
  • Comfort: thermostatic temperature control
  • Spacious ashpan
  • Non-stop combustion in “night” mode (up to approximately 10 hours)
  • Optional remote control
  • Long life cast iron internal protection plates
  • Crafted in Belgium

Woodbox® Technology allows combining the enjoyment of woodburning heat and ease of use with outstanding burning performance.

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