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Morso 06


There can be no better example of functionality and form than the Morso 06. Sleek lines and sophisticated style, the o6 features the Easy Clean ash disposal system, making this one of the cleanest stoves in today’s modern market.

The Morso 06 is capable of burning most smokeless fuels as well as logs of up 375 mm in length. It also features the Fire-Slide control, allowing the o6 to burn for very long periods on a single charge of fuel.


In use, the Morso O collection is unparalleled. The simple ‘no fuss’ chrome-iron grate system allows all models to burn most smokeless fuels, peat and of course seasoned logs. Full and precise control of the fire is maintained with the use of the unique Fire-Slide control system. With a single action pre-heated primary, secondary and tertiary combustion air can be either drawn into the stove or reduced depending on your burning requirements.

Carefully designed air manifolds within the firebox ensure that the combustion air is delivered to the fuel in just the right mix, making sure of highly efficient combustion rates, low-level smoke emissions and an extremely clear glass.

Technical Data:

  • Rated Output: 3-6Kw
  • Heats up:         120 m2
  • Height:            633 mm
  • Depth:             482 mm
  • Width:             497 mm
  • Length of Fire Box 37 cm
  • Top or rear flue outlet 150mm

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Good advice

If the Morso stove smokes or does not heat – check the following:

If the stove smokes or burns poorly the usual cause is a reduced chimney draught.

  • If the stove is cold it might help to ignite some crumpled paper in the cleaning door of the chimney before establishing a fire in the stove.
  • The chimney and/or the stove pipe may be obstructed.
  • Leaks in the chimney reduce the draught.
  • The chimney may be too low. The chimney has to be built according to the local building code, which in most cases means that the top of the chimney must rise at least     1m above the ridge of the roof.
  • Large trees, neighbouring buildings, hills and other landscape conditions may cause down-draught in the chimney.

Although your stove will operate with virtually any wood, wet or green wood (unseasoned) should be avoided. Firewood should be seasoned for at least one year, preferably two years. Avoid using wood which has been exposed to salt water (driftwood, fish boxes, etc.) as the salt is very corrosive and will reduce the life of the stove and the chimney.

Sweep the Chimney at least every two years and maintain the fireplace in the summer.


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