Gude THE Alpha KNIFE



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Gude THE Alpha KNIFE

Cutting like a pro. Thumb and forefinger form a U and securely grip the blade of THE KNIFE.. The middle
finger rests comfortably in the finely machined notch at the rear of the blade. So the centre of gravity lies perfectly within the hand. This shortens the lever length, the force of the hand acts straight downwards, thus ensuring an untiring natural action. Due to the weight being centred within the hand, the knife simply drops straight into whatever you are cutting.

Product Specifications

  • Blade length: 26cm
  • Overall length: 33 cm
  • Handle length: 9.5 cm
  • Type of steel: ice hardened X50CrMoV15
  • Model: G-G888/26

Care instructions

  • Clean your knife after each use with a damp cloth!
  • Never put your knife away without wiping it clean especially after cutting acidic foods.
  • Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners to scrub your knife
  • Knives with wooden grips are never to be washed in the dishwasher or left soaking in standing water.
  • Never store your knife loose in a drawer.
  • Never use a cutting surface made from stone or ceramic as these will dull or damage the cutting edge.

As with all good kitchen knives, we advise not to clean this knife in the dishwasher


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